Introduction to Graduate Communications
3 units | 15 Weeks

Introduction to Graduate Communications provides students with knowledge in the subject of communication models, theories, and practices. This course especially will develop critical thinking, writing, and understanding of the management challenges facing professional communicators. Competence in this field is needed for effective messaging, relationship-building, and understanding. Non-MA Journalism students can audit this course.


Students will learn about:
  1. Survey the theories, models, practices, and impact of communication to survive in a complex, increasingly competitive business arena.
  2. Evaluate if the message we intend is the message that is actually received, using Marshall McLuhan’s notion of “the medium is the message” or how our communication means affects the message delivered.
  3. Explain how these theories and models are practiced in everyday life.
WHEN REGISTERING, SELECT THIS COURSE TITLE: JO511 Introduction to Graduate Communications