Business as Mission
3 units | 15 Weeks

Business as Mission is a course examining the role of business in Christian missions. Cross-listed in Olivet Theological College & Seminary (OTCS), the course is co-developed and team taught by Olivet College of Business Dean Dr. Tom Cowley, a successful business strategist, and OTCS Dean and Middle East mission expert Dr. Joseph Ray Tallman. It covers themes that include the theology of business as missions; practical issues concerning the use of business as a vehicle for cross-cultural missions, and specific for-profit business models and case studies. A special focus of this course will be business mission in countries with a history of hostility to the Gospel message.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, students should be able to:
  1. Understand the theological and Biblical basis for Christ centered careers and organizations. Feel more confident in discerning in daily living Christ centered activities and those that are not Christian faith based
  2. The Internet is rich with Business as Mission (BAM) information. The student will better understand and navigate the internet for BAM opportunities and career plans.
  3. Understand how to measure and evaluate a for profit Christian based company
  4. Study and report upon business as a part of World Missions including; Not for Profit entities,  For Profit corporations, 10/40 window and Biographies of leaders in the field