How to Recognize GOOD Design with Graphic Design History
3 units | 15 Weeks

Did you enjoy the Introduction to Arts´course?  Then you´ll love History of Graphic Design.  The goal of this course is to provide context for graphic design work through an understanding of its history.  You'll also recognize and acknowledge GOOD design when you see it.  Learn about cultural advancement by investigating the historic past of great design works from key individuals and trends.  Be enlightened from the past and be ready to apply it to your own works in the future.

This course covers the study of:
  • Understanding graphic design history and past contributions from key designers
  • Honoring traits of superior craftsmanship and mastery of relevant media
  • Discipline and incorporating everything you see into your own work
  • Recognizing good graphic design
  • Learning the graphic design landscape and those who influence it. 
WHEN REGISTERING, SELECT THIS COURSE TITLE: GD221 How to Recognize GOOD Design through Graphic Design History-History of Graphic Design