How to Design Websites for Your Targeted Audience (Seminar)
1 unit | 5 Workshop sessions, each 3 hours

Making a pretty website does not mean your visitors will be interested.  They may also be getting lost due to the lack of user navigation designed into the website.  Learn about User interface, design principles and project management that will be crucial in setting up a website geared towards your audience. The process includes how to plan navigation, research, creating techniques, testing, and applying those techniques in redesigning a website.  Lectures will include resource and web tech tools to accomplish tasks in a redesign.

Course Objectives
Will be familiar with:
  • The broad picture of the web and how it works
  • Client-side coding practices and web standards
  • The fundamentals of organizing and developing a web site
  • What it takes to design usable, transparent navigation
  • Will display the following professional attitudes/behaviors:
  • Proper file organization and management
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