Graphic Design Basics for Everyone (Seminar)
1 unit | 5 Workshop sessions, each 3 hours

Interested in Graphic Design?  This introduces you to the basics of visual communications. These skills support basic design principles and course assignments allow students apply these concepts and principles to various projects.  A segment will also be dedicated to using Photoshop to enhance photos, targeted towards editorial images.  Great for photo-journalists and those needing a basic start to take fantastic photos.  Learn about Photoshop skills and photography techniques that can enhance any article or website.  The workshop will run for 5 weeks, each session will be 3 hours.

This course covers the study of: 
  1. Visual communications
  2. Principles of basic design
  3. Professional practices
  4. Photoshop basic skills for photography
  5. Hands–on print projects
  6. Introduction to Typography & Color
WHEN REGISTERING, SELECT THIS COURSE TITLE: GD211 Graphic Design Basics for Everyone-Graphic Design I (Workshop)